Recent Errors

In the View Detailed Logs module, this section displays the list of audit logs. The audit logs briefly display the error details related to an API call. The error details include the following:

System NameIt displays the service’s name.
API NameIt displays the controller’s name. When the client application invokes an API, it posts the request to the related controller.

Vahana cloud-based application environment is implemented by using the sprint-based MVC (model-view-controller) architecture.
Request TimeIt displays the date and time at which the client application invokes the API.
UserIt displays the user ID of a user who logged on to the application.
Exception NameIt displays the name of an exception. The application code raises an exception as a result of an error.
Error CodeIt displays the status code of the API’s response.

If you click a specific record in the audit log’s list, the dashboard displays the broad-level error details. These error details include the following:

  • Code-level error that the application raises during the runtime execution
  • Stack trace that allows you to fix the code without accessing the backend layer

To know more about the detailed errors and stack trace, see the post: Error.

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