Adding Bottom Button

In the mobile app, bottom button works similar to a push button. The bottom button remains static and is placed at the bottom of the mobile app after it is configured in the vDesigner application.

To add a bottom button:

  1. On the left navigation pane, click Standard, and the Standard menu expands.
  2. Under Standard, click the Bottom Button link, and the Bottom Button dialog box opens.
  1. On the Bottom Button dialog box, enter or select values in the boxes as follows:
LabelIn this box, enter the label name of the element.
Is VisibleClick Yes if you want to make the element visible after the respective form is displayed.
Is EnableClick Yes if you want to make the element as an active element. The user can perform the function on the active element.
  1. After you enter the values in the respective boxes, click Save, and the bottom button is successfully configured.
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