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Configuring ID Generator

This feature allows you to define the ID generator rule for newly created entity. After you configure ID generator rule, it automatically generates a unique ID for the respective entity when Load New Object task executes as a result of specific action. To configure ID generator: Box/Field Description Group Name In this field, enter the… Continue reading Configuring ID Generator

Defining Relationship between Entities

After you create multiple entities, you can define the relationship between two entities. While defining the relationship, you can make one entity as a child entity of another entity. You can define the relationship between two entities as follows: To define the relationship: Box/List Description Parent Entity Click this list, it displays the currently existing… Continue reading Defining Relationship between Entities

Creating New Entity

Introduction The vDesigner application provides you the Entity and Relationship feature that contains two different sub-modules: Entity and Relationship. The entity module allows you to create entity. The relationship module allows to establish the relationship between two entities. While establishing relationship between two entities, you make one entity as a parent entity and therefore can… Continue reading Creating New Entity