Introduction (vLog)

vLog is a web based API call tracing tool. You can access the vLog module to view and observe the API’s request and response data. You can apply several filters to view and observe a specific set of call logs.

You can use the following filter-based criteria to search and view a specific set of audio logs:

  • User Name
  • Service Name
  • Status
  • Execution time
  • Limit and Trace ID

On the vLog module, you can perform the following functions at the broad level:

  • Viewing recently generated Logs
  • Viewing recently generated errors
  • Viewing failed transactions
  • Downloading audit log report
  • Viewing audit logs based on the selected environment

Accessing vLog Module

You can access the vLog module on the Vahana dashboard. To access the vLog module:

  1. On the Vahana portal’s dashboard, see the vLog tile.
  1. Click the vLog tile, and the vLog module’s home page opens.
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