This post is referring to Vahana 2 (beta version). To check the document for production, please go to vDesigner-v1.0

The Vahana platform incorporates a module that is calle Downloads. The Downloads module allows you to download the build of the software application. First, you design an application and then publish it by using the vDesigner module.

On the Vahana platform, the ?Downloads? module provides the following features and benefits:


  • Creation of builds is available for the following device types:
    • Android
    • iOS
    • Web
  • Configuration of settings based on the user-specific requirements.
  • Deployment of builds from multiple environments.
  • Availability of the real-time status of the build
  • Search for builds by using different parameters
  • Search for builds by typing in the Search box
  • Environment-wise filtering of builds 
  • Email based auto-notification for the failure and successful builds with the available links
  • Allows to expected build size and asset size of a build 
  • Customization of Asset size from Asset Manager


  • A user friendly interface to quickly and intuitively create and download the build.
  • Users can push multiple builds from the single account
  • Faster identification of the builds along with the status
  • Enables better management of multiple builds

Build Settings

Before creating a build, you have to configure the settings which is a mandatory step. These settings are divided into Global, Middleware and Security.


  1. Click on the setting button on the top left of the screen
  2. Select the environment for which settings needs to be configured
  3. Fill the following information as explained in the below table 
Environment SettingsDescription
Upload IconUpload or choose an icon for your application
Upload a Splash IconUpload a splash icon which will appear in a particular screen in the application which gets displayed while the application is loading
App NameType the name of the application
Version NameThis is the version name which would be visible to end users of the application
Version NumberThis is the number which will be used by the IT users to track the version numbers which will not be visible to the end-user of the application
Package Name
Middleware SettingsDescription
Application IDEnter the Application ID of vConnect 
Org IDEnter the Org ID of vConnect 
Client SecretThis is a prefilled field which a user can edit to connect to the Vahana Run Time Manager
vConnect Endpoint URLThis endpoint URL is to connect to vConnect APIs and this is a prefilled field which is still editable
Config fetch URL
Storage IDEnter the storage ID. This is the S3 storage ID for storing the documents
DMS Bucket NameEnter DMS Bucket Name. This is S3 Bucket Name for storing the documents
SSL CertificateUpload SSL certificate in .cer and .cert format.
Security SettingsDescription
Allow SSL BypassMark this checkbox to use the application without any authentication of SSL
Allow Rooted DevicesMark this checkbox to allow the application in the rooted devices
Allow Landscape ModeMark this checkbox to use the application in the landscape mode in mobiles and tablets
Allow ScreenshotsMark this checkbox to allow taking screenshots
Allow Copy PasteMark this checkbox to allow the permission to copy/paste in the application

Create a Build

Once you have configured the build settings, you can now proceed with creating a new build.

To configure the build:                              

  1. On the create build page, click on the create build button.
  2. After this, the panel will pop out with various fields as shown in the above image
  3. Users have to fill in information in the given fields 
  4. Click on the ?Create? button
  5. User build creation process is completed, and the build list is displayed on the screen
PlatformSelect one platform among Android, iOS and Web to create the build.
EnvironmentSelect the environment from the list
Build VersionFill in the unique version number for the build
LabelFill in the build name which will be visible to the user in the build list

Build List Page

  • Created On: It shows the date and timestamp when the build was created
  • Created By:  Email ID of the user who has created the build
  • Status: It shows the status of the build and those status are
  1. Enqueued: Build is in queue
  2. Progress: Build is in progress
  3. Failed: Build is failed or timed out
  4. Completed: Build is ready for download

When Build is completed, you can perform the following actions:

  • Delete: Delete the build
  • Download: Download the successfully created build
  • Copy Link: This icon is used to copy the link for downloading the build

When the build fails, you can perform the following actions:

  • Retry Build: Retrigger the build
  • Delete: Delete the build

For Search and sort by: There is a search bar on the screen as you can see in the above image. You can search the build by typing in the search bar. Youcan also filter the build environment wise. 

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