Delete Object

You can use this task to delete a row from the table or a set of data from the FV (Functional View) component.

To configure the Delete Object task:

  1. In the Events dialog box, scroll down.
  2. Under Add Tasks, click the Select Task list, and then select DELETE_OBJECT.
  3. Click Add Task Config, and the Add Task dialog box opens.
  4. In the Add Task dialog box, click the Configuration area to expand it.
  5. In the Configuration area, see the Enter Data Path field.
  6. In the Enter Data Path field, enter the data path (For example:- getVal(“tempObject.array1”).
  7. After you enter the data path, click Submit to configure the DELETE_OBJECT task.

In the getVal(“tempObject.array1”) data path, array1 is the array type JSON object. When the Delete_Object task executes, it deletes a set of data in the array1 object in the data source.

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