Editing a Task Group

This feature allows you to edit an existing task group. When you edit a task group, you can customize its algorithm, add more task to it, delete the existing tasks if they are not required.

To edit a task group:

  1. On the vDesigner module’s dashboard, see the left navigation panel.
  1. In the left navigation panel, click the Task Group icon (), and the middle panel opens the Task Group Manager page.
  2. The Task Group Manager page displays the list of earlier created task groups.
  1. In the list, find a task group by seeing its name.
  2. After you find the task group, move the mouse pointer to the right and then click the Edit icon (), and the <<Task Group Name>> page opens.

  1. After you edit the task group, click Save to successfully commit the change in the task group.

Apart from editing a task in the task group, you can add other tasks to the task group. To know more about how to add a task to the task group, visit the post: Adding a Task to Task Group.

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