Creating a New Feature Branch

In the Release Manager module, this function allows you to create a new feature branch from an existing feature branch. After you cut a child feature branch from a parent feature branch, the child branch inherits all app-level configurations of the parent feature branch.

Let’s learn how to create a child branch from a parent Feature_1 feature branch.

Assume you have created an app, App11/12, which is by default created in the Feature_1 branch.

Click the APP11/12 tile to access the App11/12 application in the vDesigner module or click Go to vDesigner, and the vDesigner module displays the App11/12 in the design canvas.

The following steps describe how to cut a new branch from the Feature_1 branch and then pull the App11/12 app to the newly created feature branch.

To create a child feature branch:

  1. On the Vahana cloud’s home page, see the nine-dot (Modules) icon ().
  2. Click the nine-dot icon (), the Modules panel opens.
  3. In the Modules panel, under DevOps, click Config Management, and the Applications page opens.
  1. On the Applications page, find the application (for example:- App11/12) for which you want to cut a new feature branch.
  2. Click the app name (for example:- App11/12), the app related page opens.
  1. On the app related page, click Create Branch, the Create Branch dialog box opens.
  2. On the Create Branch dialog box, enter the new branch’s details as follows:
NameIn this box, enter the name (for example:- Feature_2) of the new child feature branch.
TypeClick this list and then select Feature. Selecting Feature means that you are creating a feature branch.
Source BranchClick this list and then select the feature branch from which you want to cut a child branch.
Purpose (Optional)In this box, you can enter a brief purpose to create a new child branch. In the brief purpose, you can explain why you are creating this branch.
  1. After you enter the details of the new child feature branch, click Create a new feature branch.

After you create a new child feature branch, you can access App11/12 in the Feature_2 branch in the vDesigner module.

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