An Introduction to API

This post is referring to Vahana 2 (beta version). To check the document for production, please go to vDesigner-v1.0

The vDesigner module contains the API module as a first level functionality. The API module allows you to access the list of all APIs that have been configured on the vConnect portal. After you access the list of APIs, you can select an API from the list and then create its instance by using the API module. Thus, you can reconfigure API details by customizing request and response parameters. You can consume the API’s instance for the current application.

In the app-level dashboard, you can access the API module in the left panel. The main advantage of the API module is that you can create and manage multiple instances of a vConnect portal’s incorporated API and then use them for different applications that you develop in vDesigner.

Conclusively, the API module promotes API reusability and helps you design light-weight mobile apps with a lean and thin architectural approach. Also, configuring an API’s instance in the API module does not affect the API’s configuration on the vConnect portal.

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