In the vDesigner application, you can integrate different API to bind an action to different elements and controls. You can integrate two types of API(s), which are given as below:

  • Sync API
  • Other API(s)

The sync API is specially used to insert the mobile app data into two tables: tb_cop_buss_obj_txn and tb_image_data_obj. The tb_cop_buss_obj_txn table stores the text and numeric data, while the tb_image_data_obj table stores image related data.

API(s) that falls in the Other API(s) category captures the response from third party server, apart from manipulating data on the database level such as fetching data from the database table. The database API(s) are mainly used to retrieve the old data from the database tables. In the database API(s), internally implemented stored procedure executes and then calls corresponding service to perform the function.

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