Vahana Academy

Component Migration

After you add new screens and controls or modify the existing screen(s) or controls by using the vDesigner application, you mandatorily need to migrate the added or updated components from the local environments to the cloud environment. If you do not migrate the component, the mobile app will not display newly added screens and controls… Continue reading Component Migration

Adding a Text Field

To add a text field: Box/List Description Label In this box, enter label (For example:- Name) of the text field that is displayed to the left of the text field Absolute JSON Path In this box, enter the absolute json path as follows: $ This json path denotes the location where the configuration details of… Continue reading Adding a Text Field

Configuring a Form

This section describes how to add and configure a form or screen. After you access the vDesigner application, it, by default, creates and displays a home page. Apart from the home page, you can add new forms and then configure them based on the mobile app related requirements. To add and configure a new form:… Continue reading Configuring a Form