Adding New User

In the vScheduler’s execution portal, this feature allows you to add a new user. After you add a new user, the vScheduler module sends the alert to the user after it runs the scheduled job.

To add a new user:

  1. On the execution portal’s dashboard, see the Job Processor area.
  2. In the Job Processor area, click the Send Alert On Success or Failure check box, and the dashboard expands and then displays the Alert area.
  1. In the Alert area, click Add New User, and the Add User dialog box opens.
  2. In the Add User dialog box, enter the values as follows:
NameIn this field, enter the user’s name.
EmailIn this field, enter the user’s email ID. vScheduler sends the alert to this mail ID, which is treated as the user’s registered email ID.
Mobile NumberIn this field, enter the user’s mobile number.
  1. After you enter the user’s details, click Add User to successfully add a new user.
  2. Perform the steps from step 3 to step 5 to add other users.

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