Adding Control to Form


After you successfully add and configure a form, you can add multiple controls to the form. These controls are added to the form to impart the functionality to the respective form. The selection of the control, which has to be added to the form, entirely depends on the workflow of the form and the mobile app.

The vDesigner application offers you two categories of controls or elements. These categories are: Standard and Custom.

  1. Standard Elements

The Standard category of elements includes commonly used elements/controls such as text field (text box), label, radio button, check box, bottom button, dropdown list, date, hyperlink, and others. You can add these controls to the form based on the functional requirement on the respective form.

  • Custom Elements

The Custom category of element provides you a few special elements, which are used for specific jobs. These elements are AADHAAR Biometric Auth, AADHAAR Biometric KYC, audio recorder, date time slot, email, email with domain, and drop down with button, google map, mobile number, OTP, and others.

To know the functionality of each element, source the vDesigner Navigation Manual for your reference.

The following heading sections describe to add a few but prevalent controls that are frequently used to design and develop a mobile app.

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