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The Vahana cloud platform hosts several applications and services that include vDesigner application, vConnect portal, Access Policy, Environment, and others. Each application/service that is hosted on the Vahana platform is used for specific purpose. For instance: – You can use vDesigner application to design and develop mobile phone and the vConnect portal to deploy and publish web services and API(s).

Likewise, the Vahana platform hosts the environment module to build application development and runtime environment for the client-specific projects. After you build an environment for application development and testing purposes, you can perform two activities:

  • You can sync the native application environment with client specific environment.
  • You can create special environment variables and then export them to the client application environment.

While working on several project assignments, you can work with different client-specific requirements and application environment constraint. A few client organization do not want to provide the direct access to their servers, citing data-privacy and external protection threat. In that case where you cannot access the external servers, you can create environment variables and then export them to the client-environment so that you can carry application development activity and then provide delivery modules securely and timely.

If the client organization provides you the access to the server, you can sync your services with the client application environment. That is how the environment module provides the cohesive flexibility to build the environment following client-specific requirements.

Constituently, the environment module allows you to create, configure, and manage three components: VRT(s), environment, and environment variables. You can configure and manage three components as follows: The following section of the document starts with how to access the environment module.

Accessing Environment Module

To access the environment module:

  1. On the Vahana portal’s dashboard, locate the Environments tile.
  1. Click the Environment tile, and the Vahana dashboard displays three components: Variables, Environment, and VRTs (Vahana Run Time).

  1. After you access the environment module, you can configure and manage these components.
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