Specific Properties

Apart from the following properties in the “Masking” element, see the properties’ description in the “Input Field” element for other “Masking” element related properties.

Property TypeDescription
PlaceholderIn this field, enter a placeholder text. You can use the placeholder text to provide a hint to the user. The hint helps the user perform the function on the element.
Masking Character IndexesIn this field, enter the following values:
–> Start index from which the element will mask the character
–> End index up to which the element will mask the character
–> The character that will mask the actual value

# Sample value in the “Masking Character Indexesfield
0, 3, x

The value ‘0’ means the 0th index. The value ‘3’ means the 3rd index. The value ‘x’ is the character that the application will use to mask the actual characters.
Character SeparationIn this field, enter the values as follows:
# Sample value in the “Character Separation” field
-, 4

In the set of values, the ‘-‘ hyphen character will separate the string of masked characters from the string of unmasked characters. The value, ‘4’, will mask first four characters from the ‘0th’ index to the ‘3rd’ index.
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