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API Registration

This feature allows you to add one or more APIs to a service. If you add more than one API to the service, you need to define the sequence to execute APIs sequentially. Based on configured sequence, the APIs will execute in a specific sequence or order. The sequential execution pattern of the multiple APIs… Continue reading API Registration

Service Details

In the vConnect module, this function allows you to define a service. While creating or adding a new service on the vConnect module, it is recommended that you first define a service and its details, and then register one or more APIs. To define a service and its details: Box/List Description Service Name In this… Continue reading Service Details

Service Management with vConnect

Introduction In the vConnect module, this feature lets you create a new service. After you create a new service, you can add one or more APIs under newly created service. In vConnect, a service is treated as a container that contains a collection of multiple APIs. This service container provides the feature of API orchestration.… Continue reading Service Management with vConnect