Unlinking a Task Group

You can unlink a task group from an event if you do not want to use the task group in the application or if the task group-incorporated tasks do not serve the purpose in the application behavior.

To unlink the task group:

  1. On the vDesigner dashboard, see the second-left panel.
  1. In the second-left panel, click the Pages tab (if it is not selected).
  2. Under the Pages tab, find the page where you want to unlink the task group from an event.
  3. After you find the page (for example, Data_Submission_Page), click it, and the vDesigner WYSIWYG editor displays the page.
  1. Assume you want to link a task group to the Go Back to Home Page button.
  2. In the Data_Submission_Page page, click the Go Back to Home Page button, and the Button property panel comes into view.
  1. In the property panel, click the Events tab (), and the property panel displays the list of available events with the Button element.
  2. Assume you want to unlink the task from the onClick event.
  3. Place the mouse pointer on the onClick event and then click the Edit icon (), and the Event Configuration page opens.

  1. On the Event Configuration page, in the Task Group panel, find the task group that you want to unlink from the related event.
  1. After you find the task group (for example, Demo Task Group), put the mouse pointer on the name of the task group and then click the Unlink icon (), and then the Unlink “<<Task Group Name>>” dialog box opens.
  1. In the Unlink “<<Task Group Name>>” dialog box, click Unlink to unlink the task group from the event.
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