vMonitor Overview

The vMonitor module monitors the health of RESTful APIs (Microservices). vMonitor collects metrics in real time of the microservices that are deployed on the vConnect middleware. Thus, it performs historical data analysis to monitor the services’ performance.

What is monitoring

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are the building blocks of modern software systems. They allow different systems to communicate and exchange data with each other by making it possible for organizations to connect and integrate front-end applications, systems, and services. With the increasing reliance on APIs for mission-critical operations, it has become most important to monitor the API’s performance, reliability, and security.

API monitoring is the process of monitoring the performance and availability of APIs to ensure they are functioning as expected. The monitoring includes the following activities:

  • Measuring response time
  • Checking for errors
  • Monitoring traffic patterns
  • Ensuring API security.

By monitoring APIs, organizations can proactively identify and resolve performance issues, detect security threats, and ensure that applications and systems are functioning optimally.

Purpose of Monitoring

  • Understand the overall health of the application
  • Glean insight into the performance of each individual service that makes up an application
  • Ensure the API transactions are available and performing well
  • Isolate problematic transactions and endpoints
  • Optimize and improve end-user experience

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