You can use the “URL” data source to get the data from a URL. By using the URL data source, you can only issue the GET request. To configure the URL, you need to use the HTTP and HTTPS schemes. After the application sends the request to the configured URL, it gets the required data from the server.

To configure the URL data source:

  1. On the vFlow 2.0 module’s dashboard, see the left navigation panel.
  2. On the left navigation panel, click the Configurator icon (), and the middle panel displays the list of different pages.
  3. In the list of pages, find the page where you want to configure the data source.
  4. After you find the page, move to the right in the same row, and then find the Edit icon () to the left of the three-dots icon.
  5. Click the Edit icon (), and the middle panel displays the <<Page Name>> page (for example, the Data Submisssion page).
  6. On the Data Submission page, under Config, click Data, and the middle panel displays the Data Type list.
  7. Click the Data Type list and then select URL, and the middle panel displays the following boxes:
  • Source URL
  • Data Path
  1. In these boxes, enter the details as follows:
Source URLIn this box, enter the URL string. The application will post the request to this URL to get the data.
Data PathIn this box, define the data path. When an API returns the response, it stores this response in the data path. Assume, you define a data path as follows:

When an API returns the response, it stores the response in the tempObject JSON object.
  1. After you configure the URL and data path, click Save to configure the URL data source.
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