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Configuring Action on Card

This function allows you to configure an action on the list of the card. You can configure the action on the list horizontally or vertically. You can incorporate a phone book, delete function, and other usable action items. To configure an action on the list: Field Description Action Sub Type Click this list to select:… Continue reading Configuring Action on Card

List View

When you configure a dashboard card, you can determine which list the card will display after the mobile app uploads the dashboard. You can achieve same objective by applying the List View task. When this task executes, it displays the list as a result of user-action. When you configure the List View task, you also… Continue reading List View

Validate Form

You can use this task to build and apply a validation rule at the form level. When you configure this task, you can also configure a message that the app displays if the validation rule is satisfied. When a user performs the function in the form, the validation rule checks the user’s function. If the… Continue reading Validate Form

JSON Reset

You can apply this task to clear the JSON object. You can apply this task anywhere in the mobile app workflow. It means that you can clear the data of any absolute JSON path or array-type JSON object. When you configure this task, it allows you to clear the JSON object at the control level.… Continue reading JSON Reset


This task is applied to capture the location of the mobile phone. When this task executes, it captures the latitude and longitude coordinates of the current location of the mobile phone and stores them in the configured JSON object. To apply the location task: Box Description Absolute JSON Path In this box, enter the JSON… Continue reading Location

Enable In App Messaging

When you apply this task, it enables the features of messaging-based notification. As a result of applying this task, the mobile app starts receiving and sending notification. To apply the Eanble in App Messaging task:  

Record Sync

When this task executes, it syncs all un-synced records at the database level. It allows you to sync the records based on the “Where…” clause condition of the SQL query. On the basis of the “Where…” clause, the Record Sync task picks the un-synced records from the respective service and then sync them. To apply… Continue reading Record Sync