vDesigner 1.0 Overview


vDesigner is a web based application that allows you to design and develop interactive mobile apps. It incorporates multiple common controls and pre-defined templates to design app layout and screens. You can efficiently use it to place and manage multiple UI (User interface) objects and controls across different screens.

The main advantage of using the vDesigner application is that it requires minimal coding efforts to design a mobile app. By using simple PnP (Plug and Play) types of features, you can design robust mobile apps and implement complex and most prevalent features instantly and cost-effectively. Conclusively, it separates the design concern from the implementation aspect of mobile app development so that you can efficiently focus on the functional behavior of the mobile app.

vDesigner Function Benefits

The vDesigner application mainly provides the following functional benefits:

  • Creating dynamic form
  • Providing drag and drop elements and widgets
  • Applying validation, regex, and business rules
  • Building mobile app workflow based on customer specific requirement
  • Instantly deploying app and downloading APK file
  • Low cost ownership

To proficiently perform the function on the vDesigner application, you mandatorily must be have the working knowledge of the following tools and concepts:

  • Basic Knowledge
  • JSON Objects
  • API(s) and Signatures
  • In-depth Knowledge
  • Data Modeling
  • Business Requirements, and rules and validation

Different features of the vDesigner application are described in the following modules:

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