Control Filter

This task displays a subset of values in the control. When this task executes, it fetches a subset of values from the data source and then displays them in the control.

To configure the Control Filter task:

  1. n the Events dialog box, scroll down.
  2. Under Add Tasks, click the Select Task list, and then select CONTROL_Filter.
  3. Click Add Task Config, and the Add Task dialog box opens.
  4. In the Add Task dialog box, click the Configuration area to expand it.
  5. Under Configuration, perform the function as follows:
Element IDClick this list, and then select the element where you want to display a subset of values. After the Control_Filter task executes, it fetches the data from the data source and then displays it in the element.
Data PathIn this field, enter the JSON path (For example:- AOF_SP.VALUE). The application will fetch the data from this path and then display it in the element.
  1. After you enter and select values in the related field, click Submit to configure the task.
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