Exporting an API as a Service

After you add one or more APIs to a service, you need to publish the API. To publish an API, you export it as a service. Exporting an API as a service means that you are exposing the API as a service on the configured end-point URL.

If you do not export an API as a service, the front-end application cannot consume that API. To export an API as a service, you need to mandatorily perform the following functions:

  • Creating and configuring an API
  • Creating a new service
  • Registering the API under newly created service

After you perform these steps, you can export the API as a service.

To export an API:

  1. On the home page of the vConnect module, find the API Management tab.
  1. Click the API Management tab, and the vConnect module displays the list of configured APIs.
  1. In the list of APIs, under API Name, find the API (For example: – Test_API) that you want to export.
  2. After you find the API, move the mouse pointer to the right under Action.
  3. Under Action, click the Export icon (), and the Details dialog box opens.
  1. In the Details dialog box, click EXPORT, and vConnect displays the message: “The service created successfully.
  2. The API is successfully exported as a service.
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