Creating a New Task Group

This feature allows you to create a new task group. The best advantage of creating a task group is that you can use it on different pages in the application. For instance, you can create a task group that contains the algorithm to authenticate the user-entered OTP.

When you create a task group, it is created at the application level. It means if you create a task group under an app, you can only use it in the same app. You cannot use it in other apps.

To create a task group:

  1. On the vDesigner module’s home page, see the left navigation panel.
  2. In the left navigation panel, see the Task Group icon ().
  3. Click the Task Group icon, and the middle panel displays the Task Group Manager area.
  4. Under the Task Group Manager area, click Create New, and the Create Task Group dialog box opens.
  5. In the Create Task Group dialog box, in the Name box, enter the name of a new task group (for example, Demo Task Group).
  1. After you enter the task group’s name, click Create to successfully create the task group.

After you create a task group, the middle panel displays the <<task group name>> page or dashboard. On the <<task group name>> page, the left panel, which is referred to as the Task panel, displays a list of available tasks.

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