Vahana Academy

Viewing Portal

The vScheduler viewing portal allows you to access the details of the scheduled jobs. In the details of the scheduled jobs, you can view: You can access the details of scheduled jobs as follows: Viewing Details of a Job On the Job Listing page, when you click a specific job, it allows you to view… Continue reading Viewing Portal

Adding New User

In the vScheduler’s execution portal, this feature allows you to add a new user. After you add a new user, the vScheduler module sends the alert to the user after it runs the scheduled job. To add a new user: Field Description Name In this field, enter the user’s name. Email In this field, enter… Continue reading Adding New User

Scheduling Service on Execution Portal

On the Execution portal, you can schedule a vConnect service as follows: Property/Field Description Job Name In this field, enter the job’s name (for example:- SCHEDULER_CLEAN_OBJECT). Job Description In this field, enter a brief job’s description. Configure Service Workflow (Job Scheduler Type area) In the Job Scheduler Type area, select this option Single Service (Job… Continue reading Scheduling Service on Execution Portal

vScheduler Introduction

On the Vahana portal, you can use the vScheduler module to schedule the vConnect service. After you schedule a vConnect service, it performs the intended function at the scheduled time. The vScheduler module has two portals: