Turning on Debug Mode

The vDesigner application allows you to use the debug feature to debug the mobile app on the functional level. To use the debug feature, you need to make it active. You can make the debug mode active as follow: To make the debug feature active:

Dashboard Level Data Model

Screen (a) In the data model document (Screen (a)), the dashboardsArray object stores the configuration details of the mobile app dashboard. After you click the dashboardsArray object to expand it, it displays the configuration details of the currently added dashboard. Under dashboardsArray, only one array type JSON object: 0 Object is available. It means that… Continue reading Dashboard Level Data Model

App Level Data Model

Screen (a) If you see the screen capture: Screen (a), this is JSON based data model that the vDesigner application automatically creates when the application user performs the functions in the application. The screen displays the JSON data model at the app (mobile app) level and stores the details of different objects and entities in… Continue reading App Level Data Model

JSON Creation with Entity and Relationship

Overview JSON (Java Script Object Notation) is a popular data interchange format that is prevalently used to transmit the data between two entities. The syntax of JSON format is based on Java script and can be easily learnt to design HTTP based web API(s) and services. JSON is light-weight and easily readable. Also JSON can… Continue reading JSON Creation with Entity and Relationship