Download As Zip

This task allows the user to download multiple documents in ZIP format.

To configure the Download As Zip task:

  1. In the Events dialog box, scroll down.
  2. Under Add Tasks, click the Select Task list, and then select DOWNLOAD_AS_ZIP.
  3. Click Add Task Config, and the Add Task dialog box opens.
  4. In the Add Task dialog box, click the Configuration area to expand it.
  5. In the Configuration area, perform the functions as follows:
ZIP IdIn this field, enter a unique ZIP Id. This ZIP Id serves as a unique identifier when the user downloads the ZIP folder of several documents.
ZIP Object Primary KeyIn this field, enter the primary key of the document that the user will download from the application.
is Password ProtectedIf you click this check box, the application will ask the user to enter the password before the user can download the document.
PasswordIn this field, enter the password. The user will need to enter the same password to download the document.
Zip Return TypeClick this list and then select one of the following values:
1. None
Select this value to download documents in the ZIP folder.

2. URL
If you select this value, the application will display the URL to the user. The user can click the URL to download the documents.
  1. After you configure the properties to download the documents in the zip folder, click Submit to successfully configure the DOWNLOAD_AS_ZIP task.
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