You can use this task to integrate a web view component with the application. The web view component is an in-app browser utility that has the limited capabilities of the Internet browser.

To configure the Webview task:

  1. In the Events dialog box, scroll down.
  2. Under Add Tasks, click the Select Task list, and then select WEBVIEW.
  3. Click Add Task Config, and the Add Task dialog box opens.
  4. In the Add Task dialog box, click the Configuration area to expand it.
  5. In the Configuration area, perform the functions as follows:
URLIn this field, enter the URL string (for example:- www.google.com) that the web view component will display to the user by default.
Criteria ObjectUnder Criteria Object, you can configure the query type request parameters to display the data in the web view component from the specified URL-based location. Defining the criteria object is an optional step.

When the Webview task is executed, it accesses the configured URL location. It gets the required data and stores it in the parameters. Thus, the application displays the data in the Webview component.

You can configure the request parameters as follows:
KeyIn this field, enter the key or parameter that will store the value that is fetched from the configured URL-based location.
TypeClick this list and then select one of the following values:
1. Fixed
Select this option to store the value in the parameter in string format.

2. Object
Select this option to store the values in form of key/value pair in the JSON type object data structure.

# Sample Object data structure
“addr”: {
“state”: “abc”,
“city”: “xyz”,
“lane”: “c10”
Data PathIn this field, enter the data path that will store the data that the application will display in the web view component.

Case1:- (In the Type list, if you have selected Fixed)
In the Data Path field, enter a fixed value (for example:- 1234). This value will be treated as a string.

Case2:- (In the Type list, if you have selected Object)
In the Data Path field, enter a data path as follows:

#Sample Data Path
  1. After you configure the first key or parameter under Criteria Object, click Add Criteria Object to configure another key or parameter.
  2. After you configure the URL and keys to display the data in the web view component, click Submit to configure the WEBVIEW task.
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