Vahana Academy

Using Vahana Hub APIs

The Vahana hub dashboard displays all published APIs from different vendors, including Decimal Technologies. You can consume these APIs based on front-end application-specific requirements. To consume an API, you first need to subscribe to it and then test it to ensure that it is working as expected. You can subscribe to an API and then… Continue reading Using Vahana Hub APIs

Accessing Vahana Hub

After you successfully access the Vahana cloud’s portal, it lets you access the Vahana Middleware. Middleware is another web based portal that incorporates the Vahana Hub Marketplace. You can access the Vahana Hub Marketplace by performing the following functions: Accessing Middleware Portal To access the Middleware portal: Creating a New App To access the Vahana… Continue reading Accessing Vahana Hub

Accessing Vahana Cloud

After you successfully become a registered user with the Vahana cloud, you first need to access the Vahana cloud as follows: To access the Vahana cloud: After you successfully access the Vahana portal’s home page, you can access the Vahana Hub. To access the Vahana Hub, see the post: Accessing Vahana Hub.

vHub Overview

The Vahana cloud incorporates a dedicated API marketplace, which is referred to as the Vahana Hub. The API Marketplace is a platform that aggregates several APIs from different vendors. The client application user can access the API Marketplace to consume the API and then use its functionality. The Vahana Hub API Marketplace also offers several… Continue reading vHub Overview