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Configuring Environment Variable

Introduction In the “Environment” module, variables, which are also referred to as “Environment Variables”, allow the client application environment to access Vahana resources. After environment variables are created, you can export them to client application environment. On the Vahana cloud platform, environment variables are created and exported if the client organization does not want to… Continue reading Configuring Environment Variable

Configuring Environment

Introduction In the “Environment module”, the environment component is used to host product applications and services. These applications and services include web based product applications, portals, mobile apps, RESTful API (Web APIs), python based database procedures as dedicated web services, etc. In the environment module, an environment is created and configured to build a development… Continue reading Configuring Environment

Environment Manager

Overview The Vahana cloud platform hosts several applications and services that include vDesigner application, vConnect portal, Access Policy, Environment, and others. Each application/service that is hosted on the Vahana platform is used for specific purpose. For instance: – You can use vDesigner application to design and develop mobile phone and the vConnect portal to deploy… Continue reading Environment Manager

Viewing Sync Status

Introduction This feature allows you to view the current status of the “Sync” activity for the specific service or application module. The “Sync” activity can have any of the two statuses: Pending or Success. The “Pending” status means that the changes that you incorporate into the application module in the respective branch are yet to… Continue reading Viewing Sync Status

Deployment History

Introduction This module allows you to access and view the details of the deployment. The deployment details include the followings: Each time you deploy a branch into a specific environment, the Release Manager captures the deployment details and then helps you access them by using the “Deployment History” feature. This feature helps you access the… Continue reading Deployment History

Branch Management

Introduction This feature allows you to create, manage, and edit the branches. In the Release Manager application, a branch is created out of the master branch. As described in the heading section: Release Manager Overview, you create three types of branches from the master branch: Hotfix branch, Deployment branch, and backup branch. The backup is… Continue reading Branch Management

Release Manager Features

Features The Release Manager application offers the following features: Release Management This module allows you to: Branch Management This module allows you to: Deployment History This module allows you to: View Sync Status This module allows you to:

Release Manager Overview

Overview Release Manager is a web based application that is integrated with Vahana 2.0 cloud platform. Based on the concept of GITHub, Release Manager is a code hosting and the version controlling and management application. It helps you work and manage multiple versions of the application/service or module. Prior to the development of the Release… Continue reading Release Manager Overview