Configuring ID Generator

This feature allows you to define the ID generator rule for newly created entity. After you configure ID generator rule, it automatically generates a unique ID for the respective entity when Load New Object task executes as a result of specific action.

To configure ID generator:

  1. On the vDesigner dashboard, locate the left navigation pane.
  2. In the left navigation pane, click Modules, and the navigation pane expands.
  1. Under Modules, click ID Generator, and the ID Generator dialog box opens.
  1. In the ID Generator dialog box, click Add Row (Fig 3.2.3 (c)), the ID Generator dialog box displays the group of the following fields:
    • GEN RULE
  1. In these fields, enter values as follows:
Group NameIn this field, enter the name of entity (For example: – DUMMY) for which you want to configure the ID generator rule.
Last Used SeqIn this box, enter the numeric value: 1.
Padding TypeIn this box, enter: LEFT_PADDING. The value: LEFT_PADDING specifies that the ID generator rule will start generating the unique ID from the left side character.
Gen RuleIn this box, enter/write the expression of ID generator rule that you want to apply to create unique ID.  

#Sample ID generator rule:

When this ID generator rule executes to create unique ID, the unique ID contains:
i. The character: D, which is prefixed to the entire value of the unique ID.
ii. LOGIN_ID, which denotes the login Id/login name of the mobile app user.
iii. DATETIME, which denotes the date and time at which the unique ID is generated.
Min Return SizeIn this box, enter the numeric value: 30.
Padding WithIn this box, enter the numeric value: 1.
  1. After you enter values in the respective boxes, click Save, and the ID generator rule is successfully configured.
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