An Introduction to Data Source

On the Vahana platform, the data source is an application-supporting functionality that fetches the data from the middleware and then sends it to an entity. The entity is a JSON object. Thus, the entity populates the data on the related application page.

To send the data to the entity, you can use one of the following data binding mechanisms:

  • Online
  • Object
  • Mock
  • URL
  • Webview URL

Contrary to vFlow 1.0, vFlow 2.0 incorporates the data source feature as a separate functional layer. You can access the data source layer in the Configurator feature. In vFlow 2.0, the data source layer is independent of any entity or component. It helps you manage different data source layers separately. You can bind these data sources to an element or entity based on the application-related requirements.

From a single page-related panel, you can use one of the inbuilt data source types (for example, Online). vFlow 2.0 offers clean and easily configurable properties to configure a data source.

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