Configure Multilingual Feature for an Application

This post is referring to Vahana 2 (beta version). To check the document for production, please go to vDesigner-v1.0

Developing an App

First develop the mobile app or web application for which you want to configure the multilingual feature.

(An application proto-type for which the multilingual feature has to be configured)

Exporting an Excel File

After you register a language, you need to export the Excel file. Before you export the file, you need to select the registered languages and then select the content type that you want to display in the registered language. Refer to the following screen capture:

(Selecting the registered languages and content type before the Excel file is exported)

Updating Exported File

After you successfully register a language and then export the Excel file, you need to update the exported file. The exported file displays the list of all the content types (for example: – Caption, Label, Hint, etc.) that you select when you export a file.

In the same exported file, you need to enter the translated text of the corresponding content type (For example: – Caption) in the column of the registered language. Refer to the following screen capture:

(Format/Structure of Exported File)

Publishing and Accessing Application on Mobile Phone

After you develop the application, publish it first and then download it to your mobile phone. The application with the configured multilingual feature displays the content in the registered language as follows:

(Mobile app displays the captions of different elements in Spanish language)
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