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Configuring a Page

After you successfully create a page by using the configurator. You can configure several properties of the page. These properties are as follows: Apart from configuring these properties, you can add new elements to the page. You can configure these properties as follows: To configure page-related properties: Basic Property Name Description Page Type This box,… Continue reading Configuring a Page

An Introduction to Configurator

In the vFlow module, this functionality allows you to create and configure the application pages. Based on the application-specific requirements, you can add multiple pages. By using configurator, you can create three types of pages: To create a new page: Field Description Reference Name In this box, enter a reference name (for example, Login Page)… Continue reading An Introduction to Configurator

App Settings

In the vFlow 2.0 module, this functionality allows you to define the title of the new application that you want to design in vFlow 2.0. Apart from defining the title of the new application, you can configure different properties of the application. It is not necessary that you configure all properties of the application at… Continue reading App Settings

An Introduction to vFlow 2.0

Definition vFlow 2.0 is an advanced and intuitive web-based application. It allows its user to build smart and new-age software applications by providing numerous components, controls, and others application-level objects. In terms of terminology, vFlow 2.0 is also referred to as vFlow 2.0 module. The main advantage of using the vFlow 2.0 application is that… Continue reading An Introduction to vFlow 2.0

Open Date Picker

You can configure this task on an element (for example:- button). When a user clicks the element, the Open Date Picker task is executed, and it displays the Date Picker element. Thus, the user can select the start date and end date on the Date Picker element. Steps to Configure Box Description Mandatory Reference Name… Continue reading Open Date Picker

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Rich Text Editor

The Rich Text Editor element allows you to compose, edit, and store the formatted text, in addition to images, fonts, and other elements. The vDesigner incoprorated rich text editor contains all features of a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor. It provides you all word processing features to write and compose the… Continue reading Rich Text Editor

Bottom Sheet Overlay

The bottom sheets are primarily used in the mobile apps. In an app, the bottom sheet is a surface that contains the supplementary content. This content is anchored to the bottom edge of the mobile phone device. The bottom sheet displays the content after a user performs the related function. For instance:- When you want… Continue reading Bottom Sheet Overlay

Upload Media

The “Upload Media” task uploads a file to the app server. You can configure this task if the end-user has to upload a document from a local device. Steps to Configure Property Name Description Mandatory Reference Name The reference name specifies the name of the task. In the Reference Name box, enter the task’s name. Yes Media… Continue reading Upload Media