Vahana Academy

An Introduction to IT Ops

IT Ops is a web-based module integrated with the Vahana cloud. It is an enhanced and improved version of the VRT portal. Earlier, the VRT portal did not offer efficient and comprehensive information management and a hierarchy to observe and monitor data. Many other modules, such as Observability, AppOps, and Analytics, were standalone modules. Thus, the Vahana portal… Continue reading An Introduction to IT Ops

An Introduction to Resources

In the IAM module, this feature allows you to view different resources that are available in the Vahana cloud. You provide members access to these resources so that they can perform the required functions on resources. Currently, the IAM module contains the following categories and subcategories of different resources: In the IAM module, you can… Continue reading An Introduction to Resources


You can use the Exception feature to allow or deny a user-action on one or a maximum of two permissions. The permission specifies an action (for example, Download APK or Sync/Export) that a user can perform on the resource. You can apply an exception at the following levels: User Level:- When you apply an exception… Continue reading Exception