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Getting Started with vDesigner

Introduction This post covers and broadly describes all basic functions in vDesigner. A beginner (new user) can perform these basic functions to learn the vDesigner. Later, the user can hone the skills to design the enterprise-grade robust mobile applications. These basic-level functions serve as a stepping stone to the advanced features that user can use… Continue reading Getting Started with vDesigner

vDesigner Dashboard (UI block’s placement and auto-creation feature)

The vDesigner module is based on the concepts of Flutter. Designing UI on canvas is broadly managed by the two following aspects: Auto placement After you drop the element on the canvas, the element is placed at the top left of the page.   Accordingly, the user can see the guides (green for all possibilities, yellow for… Continue reading vDesigner Dashboard (UI block’s placement and auto-creation feature)

An Introduction to vDesigner

vDesigner is a cloud-based no-code platform that allows developers, analysts, citizen developers, and non-technical business users to design and develop powerful enterprise-grade mobile, tablet, and web applications by providing intuitive drag and drop visual interface. vDesigner takes care of the “redundant and repetitive activities” that consume so much time. It helps users add value through… Continue reading An Introduction to vDesigner