Account Management

This post is referring to Vahana 2 (beta version). To check the document for production, please go to vDesigner-v1.0

An account is created for any user who signs up on Vahana Cloud. The ?Account Management?  module allows you to view and edit the details of your account and provides two broad features: 

  1. Workspace – The term, workspace, specifies the virtual workspace on the Vahana cloud. The workspace is treated as an entity under an account, which is used to separately manage users and resource groups (Apps, APIs, Rules, Data Models, etc.) so that users can develop, deploy, and manage applications seamlessly in isolation with utmost sense of security. One can create multiple workspaces and add members to handle end-to-end lifecycle management seamlessly.
  2. Team – The users can invite people to collaborate among all modules in the Vahana Cloud. 

After you log in to the Vahana front-end portal for the first time, you automatically access the Vahana front-end in your default workspace. The default workspace is created when you register with the Vahana platform. In the virtual workspace, you can perform several functions as follows:

  • Creating new apps
  • Accessing Vahana-incorporated applications and services
  • Deploying new builds
  • Deploying an API
  • Downloading the build
  • Adding new members to the workspace, etc.

Apart from having the default workspace, you can create other workspaces under your Vahana account based on project-related requirements. On the Vahana portal, each workspace is managed by the unique Workspace ID.

Create a Workspace

  1. On the Vahana portal?s home page, in the right panel, find the Quick Access Tool bar.
  1. On the Quick Access Tool bar, click the nine-dot icon ( ), and the Modules panel opens.
  2. On the Modules panel, under Administration, click Account Management, and the application opens the Accounts page.
  3. On the Accounts page, click the Create Workspace link, and the Create Workspace dialog box opens.
  1. In the Create Workspace dialog box, enter the workspace details as follows:
    • Under Upload or Choose Icon, click the plus sign icon (), and the Open Dialog box opens.
    • On the Open Dialog box, select the image file of the icon and then click Open, and the icon of the workspace is successfully uploaded.
    • In the Workspace Name box, enter the name of the workspace.
    • In the Description box, enter the brief description of the new workspace (Optional step).
  2. After you enter the details of the workspace and select its icon, click Create Workspace, and the application displays the message: ?The workspace has been created with name <<Name of workspace>>.?
  3. The workspace is successfully created.

Add Team Members

On the Accounts page, the users can see the details of their account such as the Account ID, Account plan, the number of workspaces created and the members added.

Under the “Edit Details” tab, a user can further edit details such as – Account Name, Preferred Language, Account Owner, time zone and the role.

Once the user has edited the details, he can click on “Update Info” to update all the details.

To add team members, a user has to click the “Team” tab.

To send invites to the members, click on “Add Members”.

The users can add the member’s email address, name and role and click on “Send Invite”.

The member receives the invite in his inbox as below:

The member has to now accept the invite. It will redirect him to the Vahana portal.

  1. If the user is existing user of Vahana Cloud, he just needs to login & check his account.
  2. If user is new user on Vahana Cloud, he needs to sign up on the platform.

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