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Upload Media

The “Upload Media” task uploads a file to the app server. You can configure this task if the end-user has to upload a document from a local device. Steps to Configure Property Name Description Mandatory Reference Name The reference name specifies the name of the task. In the Reference Name box, enter the task’s name. Yes Media… Continue reading Upload Media

Web View

The Web View element allows the end user to open a web page instantly from an app only by tapping the link. It is a quick web view that provides the limited browsing functionalities as a sub-process of the app. Usage When to Use Use the web view to:–> Display rich content instantly.–> Display general… Continue reading Web View

Configure Multilingual Feature for an Application

Developing an App First develop the mobile app or web application for which you want to configure the multilingual feature. Exporting an Excel File After you register a language, you need to export the Excel file. Before you export the file, you need to select the registered languages and then select the content type that… Continue reading Configure Multilingual Feature for an Application

Getting Started with vDesigner

Introduction This post covers and broadly describes all basic functions in vDesigner. A beginner (new user) can perform these basic functions to learn the vDesigner. Later, the user can hone the skills to design the enterprise-grade robust mobile applications. These basic-level functions serve as a stepping stone to the advanced features that user can use… Continue reading Getting Started with vDesigner

Button Group

The “Button Group” element is a collection of multiple toggle buttons. In the application, you can use the “Button Group” element when you want the user to select a specific value or a state. In an application, “Button Group” is used to display or specify different values, states, or modes. In the “Button Group” element,… Continue reading Button Group


The Vahana Cloud portal incorporates the multilingual feature. The multilingual feature allows you to configure an Indian regional language or an International foreign language for the mobile apps or web applications that are developed on the Vahana platform. After you configure the language, the application displays the content in the configured language. First you need… Continue reading Multilingual

Data Table

This element is used to create a grid-based table. The cell or grid of the table contains a data. In the application, you can use the data table in the report module to display variety of data. The data table is a useful element to display a collection of data that the user can use… Continue reading Data Table