Vahana Academy

Vahana Components

Vahana Platform Overview Before discussing different Vahana components on the definition level, let’s discuss the Vahana platform. Vahana is a full-fledged advanced AWS (Amazon Web Service) based cloud platform, which hosts several applications such as vDesigner, vConnect, vFlow, vEnable, and others. Vahana platform enables organizations to create feature-rich digital assets that include IOS/Android applications, web… Continue reading Vahana Components

Profile & Settings

Once a user is registered on Vahana Cloud, he/she can further edit his profile details through the “Profile & Settings” section. A user can access the “Profile & Settings” section by clicking on the profile icon on the top right corner, and click ” Profile & Settings”. The user now lands on the “Profile” tab.… Continue reading Profile & Settings


After you log in to the Vahana front-end for the very first time, you automatically access the Vahana portal in your default workspace. The default workspace is created when you register with the Vahana front-end. After you access the Vahana front-end’s home page in your default workspace, you need to create an app. On the… Continue reading Applications